Bar/Bat Mitzvahs:
Young and old get a kick from this uplifting and entertaining experience, which is educational too!

Trade Shows; your booth:
Highly successful traffic-builder, particularly for companies whose products are of an intangible nature. Where neither brochures nor candies will draw in prospective clients, an 8’ high shoe shine chair and associated activity will! How better to make a great first impression while your soon-to-be new client relaxes and enjoys their first encounter with you?

Conferences, vendor fairs, trade shows and conventions:

Attention Event Planners and Associations! From attendees to exhibitors and guests, your thoughtful attention to detail in providing this much coveted service will be appreciated, recognized and remembered.

Golf Tournaments:
While we hope to take strokes off your game, properly cleaned golf shoes will ensure that they play many a game. At the very least you will look good and feel good. After all, we are in the ‘feel good’ business. (Serving golf tournaments since 1995, returning year after year.)

Customer Appreciation events and launches:
Be it a cocktail reception, awards banquet, a product or book launch, you are assured of receiving rave reviews. Create ‘Raving Fans’ at your next affair.