• Shoe Shining – Come to any one of our three permanent locations for a professional cleaning and polishing in Toronto’s underground, The PATH:  Toronto-Dominion Centre and First Canadian Place (M-F, 8:00 to 5:00), plus the Fairmont Royal York (M-F, 8:00 to 6:00; Saturdays 10:00 to 2:00+/-) You may also call the Fairmont during business hours at (416) 368-2511 ext. 2662.

  • Shoe Shining – Trade shows, Conferences, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, GOLF tournaments, celebrity galas, customer appreciation events, cocktail receptions and more … anywhere there is a crowd. Contact us for more information 416 203-7496 or info@pennyloafersshoeshine.com)

  • Shoe Shining – “DROP OFF” service available for those who may be pinched for time or who may be a bit intimidated about sitting in the chairs. That’s OK.

  • Entertaining & Inspiring Speaker – Penny Loafers ‘Unlaced’:   Click here to meet Penny Simmons.  Penny’s story has been told dozens of times in the media and thousands of times going head-to-toe with customers (almost 1,000,000’ buffed since 1994).  It is a story that is guaranteed to inspire and motivate, or simply entertain.  The story behind Penny Loafers is laced with shining examples of ‘marketing on a shoestring’ and more, to what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  Key messages include those that are embraced by the popular book and movie “The Secret” long before it was created --- proof that positive thinking has incredible outcomes based simply on ‘asking for what you want; telling as many people as you can what you need or what you are doing’, to the equally positive lesson of “listen to your instincts”!  Contacts us for rates.  We will be pleased to tailor the talk to your audience. You may also read Penny’s story in “Live Your Dreams: Doctor’s Orders” to learn more; and don’t miss the book’s foreword by Jack Canfield.

  • Consulting – Customer Service for the Hospitality Industry and more; create “Polished Performers” at your business.

  • Shoe Shining – In-suite service available. Contact us to schedule a visit.

  • Shoe Shine Equipment – We are agents of polishing machines for residential, office and commercial use.

  • Gift Certificates – a big hit all year through … a great way to say “Thank You” to employees and clients

  • Vouchers – like gift certificates, but designed for mass distribution; an economical way of reaching dozens of clients and prospects … contact us for more information 416 203-7496 info@pennyloafersshoeshine.com.